How We Can Help

IEEW RecepientsThe Phyllis and Joel Ehrlich Foundation was created with the vision of using professional expertise and modest grants to fund local organizations that will have a clear and profound effect on their communities. We seek to enable recipients to better serve their constituents with support in three forms: Funding, Expertise, and In-Kind Services.

For qualified organizations that meet our funding criteria, we may elect to donate a lump sum or ongoing support to fund operations and/or worthwhile projects. Our funds come with no additional requirements and can be used as needed by recipients.

The PJE Foundation owes its ability to support important causes due to the success that both Phyllis and Joel Ehrlich have had in the corporate world. Accordingly, the Foundation may offer marketing, sales, and operational consulting to improve the efforts of organizations we work with as part of our commitment.

The PJE Foundation regularly works with a network of outstanding providers that offer service at little or no cost to recipients needing marketing, advertising, graphic design, Internet development, videography, and social media assistance.

To request assistance for your organization, please visit our Solicitations page.